Health and Safety Policy

General Statement Of Health And Safety Policy

Last Reviewed: 10/08/2020

Theatre Cats Stage School is committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy

working conditions for all employees and pupils of the Theatre School. Our policy is to


 Safe use of facilities

 Safe access to the Theatre School

 A safe and healthy working environment

The Theatre School shall provide the necessary information, instruction and supervision to

help achieve this.

Health And Safety Organisation

Overall responsibility for health and safety rests with the Principal Catherine Budworth.

Responsibility for implementing the policy on a day to day basis will be by the Theatre

School employed staff, as part of their overall responsibilities.

The main teacher at each venue will:

 Undertake inspections of the working areas

 Supervise the evacuation of the premises in the event of fire, serious or imminent

danger or other emergency

 Ensure that any necessary repairs are brought to the attention of Catherine

Budworth who will inform the management of the venue.

 Note down and act upon safety suggestions from the venue management.

 Recognise the limits of her own competence and consult with Catherine Budworth if


Health And Safety Arrangements

Risk Assessment

The identification of hazards, the assessment of risks, and their prevention and control

through appropriate measures, will be the basis for ensuring the health, safety and welfare

of employees, volunteers and group members.

The principal hazards identified at the workplace are:

 Fire (fire escape route to be known by all staff)

 Electrical equipment (only to be used by staff)

 General tidiness at venues

 Security of entrance to the building (past or through a car park)

Health And Safety Training

Induction training will be provided to new employees will include details of fire precautions,

first aid arrangements, safe use of equipment, and procedures for raising health and safety


Monitoring And Review

The health and safety policy will be reviewed every year. A Health & Safety accident book will be kept by the school to record:

 Any accidents, violent incidents, dangerous occurrences, near-misses

 Any occupationally related ill health or circumstances giving rise to concern

 Any improvements to the safety of the working environment

 Any alterations to this safety policy.

Responsibilities Of Employees

All staff have a responsibility to have regard for their own safety and that of others. They

also have a responsibility to inform the Principle of the Theatre School of any serious or

imminent danger and of any shortcomings in the measures to protect health and safety.

The Principle positively encourages employees to make suggestions as to how health and

safety protection arrangements may be improved. All suggestions will be recorded by the

Principle who will make recommendations about any changes based on these


First Aid

A first aid kit will be taken to each class and supplies must be regularly checked and maintained by the teacher in charge.

Members of staff will be encouraged to undertake first aid training.

Reporting of Accidents, Injuries and Ill-health

An accident book will be provided for the reporting of:

 All accidents and incidents resulting in injury, disease, pain or discomfort

 All incidents of harassment. Abuse, threats or physical violence

 All near misses and situations posing a potential risk to health and safety

This will include issues relating to students and staff.

Sickness Records

The Principle will review sickness records periodically to identify any ill health that could be

work-related, such as stress injuries. The information will not be used in any other way.

Treatment of People Injured at Work

While our aim is to ensure that people’s health and safety at work is protected, any

employee suffering a work -related injury or ill-health condition will be treated

sympathetically and will not suffer detriment or discrimination.

Monitoring and review

The Principal Catherine Budworth is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the

Policy and Guidelines via staff observations and feedback and consultation with children

and their parents/legal guardians and colleagues.

This policy will be reviewed on 10/08/2021

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